So, your mind is made up. You are putting up your house in Dallas, TX, for sale.

Before you strike a deal with an investor, make sure you have adequate information about dealing with an investor. Most times, it is always better to do a background check on the investor.

What are the upside and downside of dealing with an investor?


Short negotiation timeframe. Most property investors have their funds ready and hoping to close the deal as soon as possible. The average time it takes an investor and a seller to strike the conditions for sale is 2-3 weeks.  For Dallas Property Investors, the timeframe is usually two weeks.

Allowing for As-Is Purchase. Perhaps the best part about dealing with a property investor is buying your house as it is. They are less concerned about the old setup of your kitchen nor the old décor. Why? Because the investor does not intend living there. They are more concerned about getting the deal across the finish line as soon as possible.

A flexible purchase deal. Dealing with a property investor is an excellent opportunity to negotiate a flexible purchase agreement, especially if you are trying to get out of the real estate business.

Dallas Property Investors offers series of flexible purchase deals. A notable one is the sale-leaseback transaction. In this purchase plan, they will rent back your house to you.


Anonymity. Real Estate investors are not obliged to disclose who is purchasing your house or what they plan to do with it.  Do not be surprised if it is your next-door neighbor who intends to turn it into apartment blocks.

You Might Not Negotiate The Best Deal For Yourself. The downside of dealing directly with property investors is most of them never buy the home at the actual market value. They are always looking for a bargain deal. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know the exact market value of their homes or the vicinity the home is situated.

A cash buyer is a scam (most times). If you are selling your home, don’t deal with a cash buyer. 99% of them are scams. If you even deal with one, use a real estate agent. A reputable and trustworthy cash buyer in Dallas, TX is Dallas Houses for Cash.

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