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Dallas Houses for Cash is local Home Buying company that specializes in purchasing homes FAST in Dallas and Fort Worth TX, using advanced, non-traditional, real estate techniques that are focused on the homeowner/seller. We’ve studied the market and created a website for you to use to help you pick the solution that best works for your unique needs. We would love to have a conversation with you so that we understand your specific situation and work together to find a solution that best allows you to achieve your goals. Together we can come up with a solution that helps you.

We know you may be going through a rough time, you deserve to be treated with respect, with courtesy, with dignity. We are people trying to help people.

If you want to SELL FAST, we can help and have methods for buying homes QUICKLY in Dallas TX regardless of the home’s condition, your financial situation, or even the amount of your equity in the home.

We specialize in solving difficult problems. We’ve seen it all and that’s why we know we are positioned to find your solution.

At Dallas Houses for Cash , we help people that need to sell their homes and are having difficulty working through the traditional channels that don’t meet the needs of homeowners in today’s market.

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    Dallas House for Cash Works with the organization Dallas CASA,  as the institution we chose to donate funds. For every house DHC buys from someone in need, DHC donates a percentage of the proceeds from the renovation and sell of the property in the market.

    Dallas CASA is 501(c)(3) non-profit social service agency that educates and trains advocates and voluntiers so they can help children victims of abuse, to find a safe and permanent homes in Dallas Texas. For more information about Dallas CASA just click on the logo.

    Because abused children can’t wait

    Marco Pineda

    Marco Pineda

    Managing Partner

    My Story


    First of all, If you are in financial difficulties, let me tell you that I understand exactly what you are going through. I have been there. I want to share my story with you.

    After the big recession of 2008 I experienced massive decline of sales in the import / distribution business I had at the time. The business had to file for bankruptcy and so I had too. With no income for several years, I was at the verge of loosing my home. I could not pay my mortgage for 16 consecutive months.

    Since then, I told myself “If I have the opportunity to help other people to save their houses I will do it”. In 2017 I opened DPI with the mission to explore all the possible alternatives to help people to keep their homes when in financial difficulties.

    I studied and researched all the resources available to help homeowners and I became an expert. However, in many cases, the only solution to avoid foreclosure is selling the home, so I gathered the financial resources necessary to purchase people’s homes and helping them with the burden of a house that they cannot pay.

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